• Who Are You?

    The bare bones information on nick mortensen – green bay mayoral candidate

    Biography = {
        "Name": "Nick Mortensen",
        "Age": "41",
        "Occupation": "Generalist at Jones Sign Company",
        "Relevant experience": [ 
         "President, Green Bay Rugby Football Club",
         "Wisconsin's Funniest Comedian 2007"

  • Why are you Running for Mayor?

    What makes you want to run for mayor?

    Technology-wise, Green Bay is about 15 years behind the times. I’m running to drag Green Bay into the future from a technological standpoint.

    I care about using the data the city collects to drive how we allocate & track taxpayer resources. It is absolutely the way forward.

    I’ve cultivated a deep comprehension about how technology & data driven decision making benefits an organization. With me as mayor, we will not only know what works as far as allocation of taxpayer money, we’ll be able to evaluate how efficiently it is working. Moreover, we’ll be able to identify mistakes much earlier so Green Bay no longer has to throw good money after bad when it comes to seeing through municipal initiatives.

  • Why Should Voters Choose You?

    Why you should vote for Nick Mortensen as the next Mayor of Green Bay.

    I’ve done my best to be the kind of candidate that I am interested in voting for.  Voters should choose me as their candidate because:

    • I’m not a Democrat
    • I’m not a Republican
    • I’m not a Politician
    • I will Never Become a Politician
    • I am an Adult
    • I’m Completely Self-financing my Campaign.
    • I’ve Turned Down every Endorsement from any Special Interest Group
    • I Owe no Favors
    • I am Only & In Full Beholden to the Citizens of Green Bay
    • I’ve got a Platform Years Ahead of Any Other Candidate in this Election
    • Data-Driven Decision Making Saves Money From Day One.
    • Data-Driven Decision Making is Municipal Government Done Properly
    • Data-Driven Decision Making Brings with it a Radical Transparency in how the City Does Business.
    • Taxpayers deserve to know how their taxes are benefitting them.
    • I Understand Technology & How it Can Help Our City Grow
  • If elected, what will be your top three priorities?

    Top 3 priorities to ensure a bright future for Green Bay.

    1. Implementing a technological leapfrog. We are about 15 years behind, technology-wise in many areas. That’s disaster waiting to happen. We must have access to and be able to utilize the technology of today – it is the way forward.
    2. A thorough evaluation of all personnel & process within the city government.  With a focus on responsiveness & customer service when a citizen requests services.
    3. Creating interoperability among the city’s many database systems. With a focus on the structure of the data the city collects and elimination of all redundant data the city collects.
  • What is the single biggest issue facing Green Bay in your mind?

    As far as your focus goes, what is the single biggest issue facing Green Bay?

    The city owes $152 million dollars.

    Right around 20% of that tax revenue goes to service that debt. The 2019 Budget has the city borrowing just as much as it is paying toward that debt. We will not be any closer to paying off that $152 million at the end of 2019 than we are right now.

    If the city is paying 20% of yearly tax revenue to service our debt, the taxpayer is effectively seeing a reduction in their tax dollar. Until we get this debt in hand (debt service should be no more than 11% of yearly tax revenue) there is no greater problem.

  • What should voters watch out for?

    What do the voters of Green Bay need to watch out for as the election heats up?

    Other candidates in the race are going to try to sell voters the audacious bullsh*t that they will accomplish three times as much road repair as is currently being done each year.

    They cannot make that promise.

    We bond for the roads. What they are saying is that they are going to bond for the roads at 300% (or more) of what is normal. They want the city to go into 3x the debt each year.

    A Mayor cannot unilaterally decide that the city is going to issue bonds. It can only be done on the consent of the the City Council. Green Bay’s City Council – as currently comprised – won’t go for that because our bond rating has slipped from AAA to a level below that, AA1.

    Those promises are Dead on Arrival and they know that. They are expecting voters not to know. It is a pretty safe strategy as the majority of voters don’t understand the intricacies of municipal government.

  • Has downtown development been prioritized to the detriment of other city areas?

    What do you think of criticism that downtown development has been prioritized to the detriment of other areas in the city?

    I think it is unwarranted.

    There is no better bang for your buck in a municipality than investing in a vibrant downtown. The Return on Investment (ROI) for committing resources is exactly what you want in terms of efficiency of expenditures. Done properly, it creates additional property value for not only the property, but the adjacent properties, thereby increasing the revenue generated for the city in terms of taxes. I’d ask anyone who made that criticism what their house was worth 15 years ago compared to what it is worth now. That value has unilaterally risen among houses in our area. That makes the downtown strategy the right strategy.

    Outside investment means everything. A vibrant downtown is the biggest factor that drives outside investment in the city.

  • How Do You Foster Diversity and Inclusion among staff?

    How do to you plan to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion amongst city staff, elected officials, city committees and the community as a whole?

    At the organizational level, the majority of this is done by creating the culture properly. Internally, we should be profiling a staff member at the city level, another at the departmental level, another at the sub department level. If we know more about the people that we see every day, we are able to find more commonalities.

    Also, I think we can do a little bit more with the wording when it comes to open job positions. It is an odd thing, but we’ve found that by simply writing into the job description that are subsequently dispersed to various boards around the internet that “Women & Minorities are Encouraged to Apply” you will find an uptick in those demographics.

    Hiring/promoting from within the existing city staff for new positions that open up. Staff members develop new interests and develop new skills over time and you’ll see that happen more and more when you have a culture that hires from within and from within other departments. You get to know a new set of people, you tend to introduce them to others you work with currently to the folks you worked with in your previous position.

Nick Mortensen