GB Fatherhood Initiative

This is where I will explain the bold points to the GB Fatherhood Initiative aspect of the platform.  


Key Points

  • Great fathers are not developed in a vacuum
  • Find statistic about the good of having a father
    • One point on the effect on criminality
    • One point on the effect on wealth
  • Involve the Harry Sydney Charity – My brother’s keeper
  • The value of deferring fatherhood until at least the age of 25
  • Value of every father under the age of 25 that does not have a father to have a mentor
  • Alcohol consumption.  Cite statistics about how this is a bad thing.

The thesis of this subject is:  Under my leadership, Green Bay will become known for having the most hospitable environment to grow a good father.  

Explaining this should be a real tightrope act. It is going to seem like a racist dogwhistle to some, not racist enough for others, an attack on single mothers to others, and people are going to want to know why I am leaving lesbians out (I am not).


Nick Mortensen