City Council NXT

White men over the age of 40 make up 2/3 of Green Bay’s City Council. Green Bay has changing demographics and it is time to turn to the next generation for leadership. City Council NXT will provide an opportunity for under represented demographics within our city to make their voices heard.

City Council NXT will be for anyone between the ages of 18-28. At bi-monthly meetings, young people of all backgrounds will take on the issues that are facing the city. City Council NXT will have a real stake in the way the city is run. They will vote on the same issues as the Green Bay City Council and whatever THEY decide will be the vote of the Mayor — which is used to break ties within the Green Bay City Council.

City Council NXT will provide a means by which local officials obtain knowledge of civic affairs & create a liaison between the young people of the city and the City Council, providing under represented demographics within the city an opportunity to may make known their opinions and feelings on topics and to participate actively in the affairs of the city.

Nick Mortensen