That time I went to jail…


Now that I am on the ballot, there is plenty of interest in me from people I don’t know — so I do want to have it established that I did collar a guy in Milwaukee in 2004 and it lead to a misdemeanor battery charge. I definitely collared that dude & I thought I had a decent reason for it as he had spent the previous 15 minutes screaming at a roommate of my sister’s. As it turns out – unless you are working as a bouncer that is battery. I bring this up pretty consistently in general conversations as it was a very difficult learning experience for me. The stress of facing punishment based on charges within that were far worse than what I’d done & that liminal period of awaiting a court date and worrying about going to prison for felony assault for collaring a guy was pretty terrible. Luckily, I had a lawyer and we were able to plead it down to misdemeanor battery which more closely resembled the tone & tenor of the incident. Please do note that there was no alcohol involved in the incident as it happened at 4:30 pm on a sunny day. Also note that I entered an Alford Plea for this because the charges included “intent to do bodily harm” and that was never my intent. My intent was to lift that asshole up & deposit him inside of his apartment & shut the door. I didn’t think he’d go limp on me. Also note that as part of the plea agreement, I had to take an evaluation as to whether I would benefit from an anger management course. The individual in charge of that determined that I did not stand to benefit from an anger management course. This is certainly something that will come out as long as anyone still works in the media & knows how to use the CCAP system. I’ve included a link so that you can search the court records if you’d like. This has proven to be an isolated incident. I’m glad it happened because otherwise I’d have not known that any time you lay hands on someone — regardless of how much they are asking for it — it is battery. Ultimately, I opened myself up to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by laying my hands on that individual and it could have lead to him slipping, bumping his head on something, & dying from head trauma. I hadn’t considered that very real possibility in any way whatsoever & I deserved to have been punished for that sort of recklessness. I take full responsibility for what happened. Happy to answer any questions about it. I consider it a pretty important to have had the opportunity to experience the criminal justice system firsthand. It is not an environment that allows itself to take nuance into consideration.

Nick Mortensen