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My name is Nick Mortensen & I am running for Mayor of Green Bay. I was born & raised in Green Bay & have lived here all of my life except for a 3-year stint from 2008-2011 living in the Capitol Square of Madison, WI.

In 2011, I returned to Green Bay to work with my father at Jones Sign Company. Back then, Jones Sign was a single location in De Pere, WI with 114 employees. Today, there are 15 locations across North America with over 500 staffmembers.

The biggest catalyst for the growth of Jones Sign was adoption of a new paradigm of data-based decisionmaking. This allows us to understand where & when to spend resources more efficiently than ever before. Moreover, it identifies the source of costly errors that we are able to solve before they really cost the company downstream. It helps us be more profitable.

I wear many hats. What I am good at is evaluating technologies & being able to see how they would benefit our company if we adopted them. What makes me good at this is my passion for technology and my ability to comprehend the myriad aspects of our company.

In municipal government, this is known as the "Smart City" approach & it will work in Green Bay. Municipalities like ours are data-gathering entities. The Smart City understands what data to collect, reduces redundancies within that data, & utilizes that data to make smarter decisions & efficiently allocate taxpayer money.

This is the way forward. Our next Mayor's focus needs to be on paving the way for A Smarter Green Bay.

Green Bay faces a major challenge with decaying infrastructure. We all know the roads aren't what they once were, but there are much larger issues with water & sewer system. Embracing Smart City technology & existing data is the taxpayer money is spent most efficiently to face them.

There are 6 candidates for Mayor. We each have something to recommend us. What differentiates me is that no other candidate has any experience with this technologies. For them, it is just politics as usual. If you want a politician as your Mayor, you can choose among the other 5. But if you want someone that is technologically proficient, future-thinking, and adversity-tested - You need look no futher.

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Let me come to you!

I recognize I am something of an unknown quantity in this election. If you or your group want to learn more about me, why not have me at your event?

Any gathering of 3 or more people - whether it is a neighborhood association, a booster club, your VFW Post, a Social Studies classroom, a Nursing Home, an end of year banquet or holiday party. If you want me to come and talk to your group, just pick a date using the calendar. I will confirm with the contact you supply and I can introduce myself to your group.

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